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Personal Project

The Modern: Luxury Hotel & Spa

The hotel is a twenty-room boutique hotel in New York City New York. Just two blocks from Central Park, in a quiet reserved part of the Upper East Side. The Hotel also has a Luxury spa center & twenty-four-hour food menu. 

The hotel features a modern interior design through. This includes the lobby & all twenty rooms, with each room having a different colour theme where one colour is dominant yet not over-powring.




When talking about modern interior design, we are talking about the early-mid-twentieth-century design movement, characterized by the use of a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. The two most influential styles were the Bauhaus movement & the Scandinavian design.

In this design, I have relied heavily on the Bauhaus style using clean lines to come up with the logo. Using clean lines the logo mark forms a 'M' for modern, which is both the name of the hotel & the predominant design language for the interiors as well.


Colour Palette

Talking inspiration from the Bauhaus style and also the reference pictures the following colour palette has been formulated.

The palette comprises of two groups of colours, The neutral colours 'Charcoal' & 'Antique White' are used as base colours where as 'Sand', 'Plantation', 'Ironstone' & 'Chathams Blue' are used as accent colours.

spa menu.jpg

Thank You

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